Curatorial Open Call

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We are pleased to invite independent curators and arts professionals to submit exhibition proposals to be considered for the 2015 Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space exhibition schedule.

Selection Process
Reviewed by the Artists Alliance Inc Curatorial Advisory Committee–comprised of representatives from the local contemporary arts community–proposals will be selected based on conceptual rigor and artistic quality. Consideration will also be given to the individual/group’s ability to meet the artistic mission of Artists Alliance Inc and Cuchifritos Gallery. Successful applicants will articulate a particular need or desire to exhibit within Cuchifritos Gallery and the surrounding community.

When submitting proposals, please carefully review and follow the guidelines outlined below. Applications that do not follow the submission guidelines will not be considered. Please note, you do not have to be a professionally trained curator to submit a proposal as submissions will be judged on merit; however previous exhibition experience will be weighed as an important factor in the selection process. We strongly encourage one, two, and three artist exhibitions, given the smaller scale of the gallery space. Artists who are acting in the curatorial role for the proposed exhibition may not submit a proposal that includes his/her own work.

Selection Criteria
–     Quality of the proposed exhibition [preference given to new and site-specific work]
–     Need to exhibit in Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space [based on Project Proposal]
–     Project feasibility [based on Project Proposal]
–     Artistic merit and professional record [based on artist(s) and curator(s) bios, CV, and work samples]

All artists and curators are eligible – regardless of age, gender, or nationality – EXCEPT:
–     those who are currently enrolled in a college or university program
–     those who currently have NYC gallery representation

Submission Guidelines
Proposals must be submitted by the exhibition curator and include the following:

1.   Proposal sentence: one concise sentence summarizing your exhibition

2.   Project Proposal (max 300 words) please include the following:
—         Exhibition description outlining conceptual and thematic goals
—         Artist(s) to be exhibited
—         Checklist of work to be shown
—         Specific interest in Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space
(Please note: Curators who make art may not include their own work in their proposal.)

3.     Background
—         Curator(s) CV and bio (max 100 words)
—         Artist(s) CV and artist statement (max 100 words)

4.     Sample Work (max 10 images total)
—         JPGs should be a maximum of 1200 x 1200 pixels
—         Each file should be labeled “artist last name_title of work”

5.     Image List with name, title, year, dimensions, and medium. Include a brief sentence describing the work submitted.

Application deadline: February 1, 2014
Submit items 1-3 as a single PDF and attach sample work JPGs in a zipped folder (.zip).
Do not include any application material in the body of your email.

Please address all proposals with the subject “2014 Curatorial Open Call – CURATOR NAME” and submit materials to

Additional Information:
Stipends: We offer modest stipends for curators and participating artists, dependent upon funding resources.

Exhibition Information: Duration of exhibits run for 4-6 weeks and are typically scheduled 12-18 months in advance.

Cuchifritos Gallery Floorplan: Click here to download a floor plan of the gallery

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 6pm (Please note that the gallery is also open by appointment and closed on all major holidays)