A Portion Of The Pie:


Co-curated by Zeina Assaf and Felicity Hogan
Works by: Jennifer Culler, Phillip D Elliott, Arielle Kilgore, Kristina Maria Lopez, Heidi Russell, Madison Tarr
Exhibition on view Saturday November 15 – December 20, 2008 Opening Reception: Saturday December 13, 4-6 PM

Cuchifritos is Open Monday through Saturday 12:00PM to 5:30PM Located inside Essex Street Market at the south end of the market, near. Delancey. FREE to the public and handicap accessible

Selected by Zeina Assaf and Felicity Hogan, “A Portion of the Pie” presents a group exhibition of photography from gallery assistants at Cuchifritos. The photographs offer a unique insider’s perspective of what it means to and work in the Lower East Side. In addition to the implicit autobiographical and communal dimensions of this theme, the work also demonstrates how the line between art and life can often be blurred or non-existent, and acts as an invitation for us to connect to the art already existent in our surroundings


Arielle Kilgore – For a long time, I have been fascinated by place and the impact an environment can have on those that exist within it.  I have, as an artist, sought to experience as many geographies as possible, as a means to explore and better understand my impulses on the subject.  Incorporating this process of discovery into various art forms lends itself to the creation of a body of work that can be seen as a sort of biographical cartography.  Having recently moved to New York, the process of photographing the lower east side was no different, and resulted in snapshots that represent my experience in this neighborhood.

Madison Tarr – “I live here in the Lower East Side and use a bike as my main source of transportation. I have always been disturbed by all the “dead bikes” in the city. This past summer I had a bike stolen and various parts from my new bike have been stolen as well. I started off shooting these dead bikes as I walked through my neighborhood looking for my stolen bike. I’m still looking…”

Jennifer Culler – These photos offer a melancholy glimpse of the Lower East Side. The images give insight into how our feelings and state of being can be implicit in the very landscapes and objects we’re exposed to everyday. We rarely take the time to slow down and appreciate the beauty of our environment, and truly connect with our current state of mind. When appreciated whole-heartedly, taken in one breath at a time, the simple nature of our surroundings can help ease our minds and free our spirits.

Phillip Elliot – “Photography is one of my favorite mediums, because you get a chance to stop and really look at the magic that surrounds us. The process looks like it transforms the mundane, but the truth is everything is extraordinary.”

Heidi Russell – “The Lower East Side and Cuchifritos was my portal to the art world and beat of New York City when I first moved here in 2005 to follow my passion in photography. My connection with this area beats in my heart and soul and creative energy as I grow in being an artist. I treasure my participation as a gallery assistant for Cuchifritos as one of the awesome ways that I get show my appreciation for what the LES and Cuchifritos has given me in my artistic journey. I hope you enjoy some of the images I have captured while gallery sitting and roaming the dynamic street culture of the LES!”

Kristina Maria Lopez – is an Undergraduate Studio Art student at Hunter College. She is obsessed with the unexamined and often overlooked aspects of life. The presence or absence of change is a common theme in her work, and she often uses these themes to explore the concepts of identity and community. More of her work can be seen at akacocolopez.com