Marcy Freedman

“My exhibition at Cuchifritos (Marcy Freedman, Marcy Freedman, 2007) was pivotal in my development. During the hours that preceded my scripted performance at the gallery, I wandered about the Essex Street Market, handing out invitations and chatting with all sorts of people about – art! Later, I decided that these “close encounters” were as meaningful as the exhibition itself. This realization helped lead me to my current form of interactive performance art.”
I am an artist and an art historian. As an artist, I have worked with drawing, painting, collage, Polaroid photography, and video. Now, however, I am dedicated (primarily) to a particular kind of performance art: live, unscripted, one-on-one, face-to-face interactions. While the content of each project varies, the underlying motivation is the same: I want to provide the public with an antidote to the many forms of “virtual” communication (email, texting, social networking, etc.) that are coming to dominate our interpersonal interactions. Thus, all of my performances involve real people interacting in real time and real space.