Carrie Elston Tunick

“I lived in the East Village for nine years and it was amazing to watch such a vibrant art community spring up so quickly around me. In 2012, I was working and participating in several shows in the LES, and I have to think the diverse and energetic temperament of the neighborhood influenced the work.”
My work explores the collision of emotional states and the body’s erratic manifestation of what is felt. I appropriate sounds and images, strip them of their contexts, and imbue them with different meaning. I use subject matter from a variety of cultural fascinations, such as religion, politics, celebrities, sports, and consumerism, creating tremendous emotional space within narrow subject matter. I think of love as being the primary motivator for all subsequent emotions and actions, including negative ones. Through my art I create internal experiences within the external world by exploring gestures that are loaded with multiple signifiers of human emotion.