Elisa Garcia de la Huerta

“The Lower East Side is beautiful in its history and diversity. It is a home for all kinds of radical subcultures and conscious-shifting people. Being part of a show in Cuchifritos made me discover and engage with the LES community.”
Memory churns the psyche, itself a churn of memories. My multidisciplinary work explores the periphery of interior space once colonized. Nostalgic murmurs, veils, layers and scars approximate the secret crevices lodging the physiological residues of conditioned vulnerability – the emotional gaps and psychological lacunae in which we hide, and heal.

Adopting a wide array of media – photography, video, fabric collage, installation and experimental painting – I trace the boundaries of genre, using formal devices such as concealment, juxtaposition and projection to comment on the postmodern performativity of race, gender and sexual identity.