Gail Biederman

“In 2010, I was awarded an AAI residency workspace on the Lower East Side, and I later exhibited my work at Cuchifritos. Place always plays a prominent role in my work, and having a studio in the downtown neighborhood was an inspiring opportunity.”
Through mapping, I examine identity and relationships as well as physical terrain. Mapping is both a form my work inhabits and a strategy through which it evolves. As I work, the messiness of real life mixes with abstract information; the autobiographical and the geographical fuse. Reconstructing places, personal experiences, and memories, my pieces become visual diaries, encoded narratives, even a type of portraiture. While my work is derived from objective sources, it is mediated by an intuitive and sometimes playful approach to the interpretation of that content. The materiality of my pieces, like the sensuous use of felt, offers a striking counterpoint to the more conceptual aspects of the work.