Kyoung eun Kang

“My relationship to New York City is the underpinning and the subject of my art practice. I’ve been inspired by the city and its different neighborhoods. I spent several months meeting and videotaping Mexican flower sellers as I walked around Lower East Side stitching together the momentary connections between strangers.”
I continuously study and explore my personal transformation, growth and identity, obsessively trying to understand the boundaries in personal and familial relationships in a constantly changing, multi- cultural time and space.

I observe, watch and focus on the small, simple everyday gestures that can have a very large meaning. I try to capture the subtlety of human nature and behavior by observing situations that question how humans form bonds and attachments.

Most of my work is filmed in real life environments, such as New York public parks, New York City streets, local Korean river bases, and at remote, isolated lighthouses. I create transitory happenings that rely simply on nothing more than my own body, people and a handful of props and objects. I often juxtapose particular Korean stones, care packages or other objects from my childhood and Korean culture into new environments to question what heritage, culture, and family means, what it means to be Korean today.