Liene Bosquê

“Being part of the show Bivalence: Workspace12, at Cuchifritos Gallery, was the first chance to exhibit my work in NYC. Prior to the residency I was not familiar with the Lower East Side and having a studio space for six months in this neighborhood was a unique occasion to explore and get inspired by its ingrained history, diverse communities and cultural significance.”
I am interested in the relationship between place and people. My work deals with the exploration of sensory experience within architectural, urban and personal spaces. By the process of creating traces, shadows, impressions, imprints, and reflections, I emphasize context, memory, and history. My multidisciplinary practice, including installations, objects and site-specifics, finds ways to fragment habitual spaces, transforming rigid, subtle architectures into more fragile and pliable materials. I’m interested in materials that hold a memory and also already saturated with meaning. I investigate the passage of time, which changes place and how we look at place, through the presence and absence of who inhabit these places.