Linda Griggs

“In the Lower East Side I was surrounded by art being made without boundaries or concern for commercial potential. There are careerist neighborhoods for making a living in the arts, but if you wanted a life in the arts — if you wanted to be free to make the art you needed to make, you wanted to be here.”
Western, classical narrative art is based on known stories — Greco-Roman or Judeo-Christian myths, historical incidents, etc. — and no text is necessary.  My work, however, tells the unknown stories of everyday people which broaden to include class, race, death or gender politics.
The “Narrative Still Life” series uses art historical references and the look Dutch Still Lifes. Often puns occur between the image, the composition and the text.  
”What to Do with the Body” references the look of icons is based on stories I’ve collected about the contentious, heartbreaking and ridiculous problems that arise when remains must be honored.