Rose Nestler

“My favorite part about exhibiting my work at Cuchifritos was watching the foot traffic enter the Essex Street Market and stop to look at our installation. It was the visceral reactions of the LES community to my work that mattered most.”
Through installation, drawing, and sculpture I develop spaces that are illusionary yet familiar.  My work depicts elements of historical architecture and ornamental objects colliding with untamed natural landscapes.  Within these spaces be them flat or multi-dimensional, the force of the natural world pervades an opulent environment of aging man-made buildings and objects.When creating sculptural works or installations I use materials that reference the craftsmanship of decorative objects such as, porcelain or upholstery.  With materials not usually destined for fine art I am able access and manipulate a visual memory that is connected to the human experience of habitation.  As an artist I am interested in this experience because it allows me to play with the feelings of comfort or protection that many architectural spaces inspire while also examining the adverse feelings a space can evoke such as, anxiety, hesitancy or sorrow.

When I begin a wall drawing I look for unique architectural details within the installation space, I also gain a sense of how the space feels when myself or others are present.  These details that I notice, both physical and imagined direct the outcome of each work.  Using trompe l’oeil tactics I produce dark, narrative illustrations that are printed, drawn and painted directly on the wall.

My work is imbued with the nostalgia and escapism of memory, met with a candid present and an uncertain future.  By investigating the past and inventing fantasized memories, I lose myself in historical settings to cultivate my voice in the present. This voice speaks of the resiliency and ubiquity of nature’s architecture over the inevitable ephemerality of man-made structures.