HsiangLu Meng

2015 Residency: July through August

In her diverse practice (photography, sculpture, drawing and installation), HsiangLu Meng examines the existing relationships between the individual and the collective. She investigates the balance between individual identity and the collective mindset, between the idealistic and imaginative that she aspires to and the realistic and logical thinking mindset that derives from her earlier educational training in chemical engineering. In her artwork she strives to embody how uniqueness and conformity in society co exist.
Seemingly repetitive elements, representative of individuals, accumulate to construct most of her work. Everyday objects, such as buttons, shirts and shoes, serve as an entrance for viewers into her art, but they are further altered and presented in a different capacity to prompt people to reconsider the original context and the implication.

Recent exhibitions include “Speaker,” DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands (2014), “Understand/Understood” DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands (2014), “Fit,” DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands (2014), “Parts of a Whole,” William Harris Gallery, Rochester, New York (2013), “I,” William Harris Gallery, Rochester, New York (2013).


This residency is supported in part by the ongoing studio partnership with Residency Unlimited. HsiangLu Meng’s 4 months residency is made possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture of R.O.C. (Taiwan) and supported by Taipei Cultural Center in New York.