Yoon Young Park

2017 Residency: November

Yoon Young Park is usually drawn to various inspirational moments that appear to her as images, sound, text, and events and has brought her to collect, observe, investigate, research, and interweave together in her narrative and subsequently her work. When she is pulled into one of these moments, she thinks that there must be some reason that she is attracted to or focused on that moment. Park needs to perceive beyond these moments, to the “how” and “why” and reflects on them so as to reveal mysteries in the world around her. Park’s work has been led by conjectural knowledge and research, and she has been playing with observing the existence of clues, deducing from evidence, and enjoying the process.

Park’s current work inquires into a possible future catastrophe and researches past disastrous events, as well as their continued effect on the planet. She asks why these events occurred when they did, and considers her own relationship to them, as someone who has been considering another great war. She asks: what does this radical conjecture mean for her in terms of her practice, and what exists beyond? Based on inquiries of the future world, Park interweaves the events with her personal memories, including those of her grandmother’s biblical stories, as well as those of her nephew’s childhood.

Her exhibitions include: “Made in Korea” at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; “Made in Pop Land” at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; “Voyage of the Black Bird” at Atelier Hermès, Seoul; “Wonderland” at the National Museum of China, Beijing; “Modest Monuments” at King’s Lynn Arts Centre, King’s Lynn; “Art Spectrum” at Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul; and the Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju. In 2009, she won the award Hermès Korea Missulsang (Hermès Korea Prize for Contemporary Art). Previous residency experiences include Location One, Art Omi, and Doosan NY.

Select Permanent Collections:
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Samsung Museum of Art Leeum, Seoul

Yoon Young Park’s residency is made possible through the Residency Unlimited / Artists Alliance Inc partnership.

Image: Voice of the Black Bird, 2009, ink on rice paper, chair, crystal paperweight, 45 x 45 cm, 55 x 65 cm