Yun Han Chang

2017 Residency: August through October

Chang, Yun Han is the 2017 winner of a 4-month residency at Residency Unlimited and Artists Alliance Inc sponsored by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture. In her installations, the artist aims to reveal the subject of daily-ness and transforming this daily-ness into something new through the investigation of notions of borders,the subtle invisibilities of our surroundings, and common experience. As an example of her process, In one of her latest projects, Back to the shore (2016), she  made interviews and collected  stories of local people  from the island of Penghu (or the Taiwanese cost) who once left for a foreign land, and rewrote  their shared stories and distant memories of their youth under a different time and space. A central question for the artist is how as individuals we link to society and how we see ourselves being perceived and interpreted.

Yun Han Chang’s work has been exhibited mainly in Taiwan. Most recent shows include: 2016 “Wind of Life – Penghu Art Festival”, Penghu, Taiwan; 2015 “You Are Not What You Think You Are”; Taipei; 2012 “Compound Eyes – Killing image lots in Taipei”, Hong-Ga Museum, Taipei; 2011 “Lazarea Sculpture Workshop”, Lazarea castle, Romania;  “Live Ammo”; MOCA Taipei, Taipei; 2010 “2010 Taipei Biennial”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei. In 2014 Yun Han Chang participated in The Arctic circle residency 2014, The Farm, Inc., Svalbard, Norway. In 2009 she was the recipient of the “Taipei Arts Award Selected”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei.

Yun Han Chang’s residency is made possible with support from the Taipei Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Cultural Center in New York and Residency Unlimited. Image: Place, 2015, Neon light and digital inkjet print, 150cm x 80 cm