Works on Paper Benefit 2014

Location: Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space (inside Essex Street Market)
Dates: Friday, June 27 – Sunday, June 29
Hours: Open daily from 12-7pm

Artists Alliance Inc. is excited to invite you to our 4th bi-annual Works on Paper Benefit at Cuchifritos Gallery, organized by Nancy Friedemann and Charley Friedman!

Artworks will sell for $100 or less, with a wide range of work that has been generously donated by former AAI members, participating artists and friends. The affordability allows artists to be collectors and provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to inexpensively invest in a diverse selection of art.

All proceeds support our four core programs: Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, LES Studio Program, LES Artist Registry, and Art (Inter)Actions.

Participating artists include:
Gloria Abella Ballen, Chuck Agro, Simone Alexandrino, Blanka Amezkua, Tatiana Arocha, Stacy Asher, Nicole Awai, Shelly Bahl, Jan Baracz, Man Bartlett, David Baskin, Sarah Beatty, Jarrod Beck, Francisca Benitez, Gerry Bergstein, Ion Birch, Doug Blanchard, Sonya Blesofsky, Jen Bokelman, Jim Bokelman, Chris Bors, Monika Bravo (courtesy of Cecilia Juardo / Y Gallery), Angie Brown, Lenard Brown, Ryan Brown (courtesy of Cecilia Juardo / Y Gallery), Jordan Burschur, Linda Byrne, Luis Caicedo, Laura Cali, Pam Cardwell, Nathan Carter, Katie Cercone, Amy Chan, Noa Charuvi, Kathleen Ching, Cat Chow, Karen Cintron, Elisabeth Condon, Esperanza Cortez, Holly Coulis, David Antonio Cruz, Jennifer Dalton, Cristina de Miguel, Blane De St. Croix, Molly Dilworth, Robert Drach, Mike Estabrook, Margaret Evangeline, Franklin Evans, Gregg Evans, Julie Evans, Enrique Figueredo, Katharine Finneran, Peter Fox, Rachel Frank, Nancy Friedemann, Charley Friedman, David Friedman, Kate Gilmore, Larry Gipe, Robert Goldman (Bobby G), Linda Griggs, Susan Hamburger, Allen Hansen, Karen Heagle, Joe Heaps Nelson, Pablo Helguera, Tatiana Istomina, CJ Johnson, Cecilia Jurado (courtesy of Cecilia Juardo / Y Gallery), Kyoung eun Kang, Michael Katchen, Karl Kelley, Susan Knight, Holly Knox Rhame, Ellie Krakow, Salem Kreiger, Jay Kreimer, Tatiana Kronberg, Lisa Lebofsky, Bryanne Leeming, Lisa Lin, Joan Linder, Elliot Lloyd (courtesy of Cecilia Juardo / Y Gallery), Cotter Luppi, Chrissy Lush, Michelle Mackey, Stephen Maine, Bill Massey, Jen Mazza, Doreen McCarthy, Claire McConaughy, Ann Messner, Anjelee Miranda, Bill Mutter, Edie Nadelhaft, Alexis Neider, Lindsey Nobel, Sally Novak, Pierre Obando, Selime Okuyan, Tom Otterness, Judith Page, Steven Panecassio, Nicole Parcher, Bradley Peters, Danica Phelps, Peter Pinnell, Jonathan Podwil, Joe Poon, Mark Power, James Prez, Michael Pribich, Carol Prusa, Diana Puntar, Kanishka Raja, Juli Raja, Wanda Raymundi-Ortiz, Jess Rees, Ryan Roa, Luis Roldan, Taney Roniger, Craig Roper, Sheila Ross, Heidi Russell, Beatrice Scaccia, Dread Scott, Jason Severs, Jean Shin, Carrie Skoczek, Molly Smith, Francisco Souto, Christy Speakman, Andrea Stanislav, Chrysanne Stathacos, Paula Stuttman, Barbara Takenaga, Mary Temple, Justin Randolph Thompson, Elizabeth Tolson, Lisa Tubach, Kathleen Vaccaro, Sofia van Leeuwen, Suzanne Varni, James Verdesoto, Cibele Vieira, Manuela Vieira-Gallo (courtesy of Cecilia Juardo / Y Gallery), William Villalongo, Melanie Vote, Lawrence Weiner, Dina Weiss, Wendy Weiss, Dirk Westphal, Chris Yormick, Patricia Zarate and more!

A HUGE thank you to all the artists who have generously donated works, our amazing event organizers Nancy Friedemann and Charley Friedman, and to all our dedicated volunteers.

Thank you all for making this event possible!