Cafe Tschichold

Cuchifritos is pleased to present Cafe Tschichold featuring Emiliano Godoy, Terence Gower, Sonia Lartigue, Tilman Wendland. Curated by artist Edgar Orlaineta. Cafe Tschichold will investigate terms like arts, science, technique, poetry and music. The exhibition will bring together a group of artists who deal with these kinds of dilemmas as praxis and will produce a collaborative project integrating different techniques –design, visual art, craft–, into one cohesive ambient. The artworks will address notions of recycling (objects and ideas), micro-modernism (as a “do-it-yourself Modernism), the site (the Essex Street Market specifically), the history of Modern Art, Design and Architecture, sustainability, the urban environment, and crafts, but most important the real motive is the dialogue generated by the project itself and its contingent.

*Café Tschihold is the name of a concept developed by a group of artists and designers (Emiliano Godoy, Terence Gower, Sonia Lartigue, Edgar Orlaineta and Tilman Wendland) to generate dialogues, events and situations integrating different formal languages, techniques and manifestations concerning Architecture, Design, Craft, and Art in general with the principle of not limiting these activities by their historical definition.

Edgar Orlaineta is a Mexican artist who has developed several functions in his environment, not only as an artist but also as a cultural and contemporary art promoter, for example, during 1996 to 1998 he ran a project space called Art Deposit where a lot of artists from his generation had a chance to exhibit their work for the first time. He is also the director and curator of Proyecto GAM at Galería de Arte Mexicano where he has organized and curated several exhibitions with Mexican and international artists. Orlaineta has received several distinctions and awards nationally and internationally such as: the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. New York, NY in 2008, the Young Creators Grant (FONCA. Mexico), in 2006-2007 and the Special Projects Grant for Art Deposit artist space, in 1997, (FONCA Mexico). Edgar’s artwork is currently featured in a group exhibition Me, Myself and I at Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York where he is represented.