Cuchifritos Gallery [NYSCA FY22]


Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space in Essex Market (LES, NYC)

Selection of Recent Exhibitions

Dominique Duroseau
gal·va·nizing strat·e·gies: [Black on Black with Black]
On view May June 11 through August 14, 2021
Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

In gal·va·nizing strat·e·gies: [Black on Black with Black], former LES Studio Program resident Dominique Duroseau navigated the false monolith of Black existence. A [re]-fusing of Blackness, the compositions of found and bought materials pieced together complex conceptual and visual patterns to create body-scaled enfacements that represented the nuances of class, education, and characteristics of identity. Diaristic audio tracks ran adjacent to Duroseau’s physical works, reflecting on the story of dehumanization and discrimination in the Black American experience.

Exhibition and student tour documentation

Anaïs Duplan, Maia Chao, and Yxta Maya Murray
Drawn Together
Curated by Mira Daya and Simon Wu
January 22 through March 21, 2021
Open Call Exhibition

Cuchifritos has long engaged its mission with an awareness of its position among New York art spaces and local businesses, and has sought to support artwork that contributes to its distinct and overlapping communities. Drawn Together continued in this tradition, contemplating Cuchifritos’ relocation from the Lower East Side’s historic Essex Street Market building to the new gentrifying Essex Market complex. Through conversations with the gallery’s immediate and wider community of those who work for, with, and around Cuchifritos, the project proposed amendments to the organization’s bylaws, which govern the contractual agreements made within the gallery program, in ways that reflect the community’s needs and understandings of the gallery’s role.

Exhibition documentation

Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani with Nick Lawrence
Keep Me Nearby
On view May May 31 through July 21, 2019
Commissioned Exhibition

Keep Me Nearby returned to the intersection of Essex and Delancey five decades after redevelopment began with two distinct projects: Layered SPURA and six never-before-seen images by photographer Nick Lawrence that brought us into the homes and lives of LES residents in 1969. These works helped us think about what it still means to make home in this neighborhood, and how understanding the complex threads of the neighborhood’s past can help us imagine a more just future.

Exhibition and Layered SPURA walking tour documentation