ECC x AAI: Boohri Park

Presented in collaboration with Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center

A projected plane of light appears often in Boohri Park‘s work as the most reduced and abstract form of a space, but also as a medium which frees a given space from its physical structure. In the form of light, different spaces get to meet each other. For this collaboration with the Early Childhood Center, each student received a box or a box-like object with a cut-out window to decorate using, for example, transparent films, color marker, stickers, etc. In a darkened classroom, the students lit up their new objects with LED flashlights to reveal the resulting images as projections on the wall. Altogether, they collectively created an image of many lit windows throughout the classroom.

ECC x Artists Alliance is a series of collaborative projects initiated by Artists Alliance Inc with Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center. Designed and led by guest artists, in collaboration with ECC educator Tom Pnini, students work in the classroom on pre-designed projects that both parallel the school’s current art curriculum and extend from the individual artist’s existing practice. Collectively, the projects urge students to experience art-making through unexpected visual relationships, using professional artists’ practices as a means to create engaging and interactive learning activities.

As accomplished by ECC’s impressive programming, ECC x Artists Alliance aims to amplify the school’s ongoing success in providing children with a generative and hands-on approach to education. This project series extends ECC’s mission by designing classes that create new opportunities for students to develop cognitive skills within the framework of peer collaboration, discovery, imaginative sharing and the revelation of hidden narratives. But, perhaps most importantly, the projects are intended to be playful.

In her artistic practice encompassing sculpture, installation, photography, and video, Boohri Park explores the relationship between different spaces, and between a space and its occupant. Thereby architecture plays an important role in her work as an agent which defines a space, and shapes our perception and experience of a space. By recalling a memory of another space or challenging our perception of a familiar space she tries to show the fluidity of space.

Boohri Park lives and works in Dresden, Germany. She received her Diploma in Visual Art in 2016 from Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Her work has recently been presented at Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein, Studio PRÁM, Art and Culture Space Yeoinsuk, Hebebühne, and Kunstverein Meißen.