Past Projects


The East Light: Live Streaming Sunrise(set)
Magali Duzant, Curated by Nazli Gurlek
On the occasion of the 4th Mardin Biennial 2018 (Mardin, Turkey)
Daily from 7-10p; May 4 through June 4, 2018

ECC x AAI: Nobutaka Aozaki
Nobutaka Aozaki
Presented in collaboration with Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center
March 28, 2018


One If By Night: A Ride Under the Cosmos
Magali Duzant, with work by Ella Condon, Sacha Vega, Clare Lymer, and Talia Smith
Presented in collaboration with Bike New York
September 10, 2017


ECC x AAI: Andrea Mastrovito
Andrea Mastrovito
Presented in collaboration with Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center
November 22, 2016

Feed Me a Story
Theresa Loong and Laura Nova
A documentary project presented in collaboration with Essex Market
May 18, 2016– April 9, 2017

ECC x AAI: Magali Duzant
Magali Duzant
Presented in collaboration with Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center
May 23, 2016

Recetas y Gangas: The Essex Street Market Recordings
Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga
Curated by Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful
December 18 – December 19, 2016

Gabrielle Mertz
Curated by Jodi Waynberg
October 14 – November 19, 2016


vois-tu pas…que je brûle?
(do you not see…
Tamar Ettun and Jessica Robbins
Curated by Natasha Marie Llorens, with Natasha Hoskins
May 2 – May 31, 2015

A R T I S T S   A L L I A N C E   @   I D E A S   C IT Y
In collaboration with New Museum’s IDEAS CITY Festival and in celebration of LES History Month, Artists Alliance Inc. proudly presented four projects–Sunrise Tours NYC, RRRC: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, the underground potato, City Souvenirs–that brought awareness to the spaces, people and histories of the Lower East Side that often remain overlooked. These projects, through subtle gesture and intervention, revealed the collective memory of our community and the ways in which small actions performed on a large scale can shape the future of our neighborhood.

Sunrise Tours NYC
Katrina Neumann
Saturday, May 30 from 4a to 7a

the underground potato
Ann Messner, Laurie Arbeiter, Sarah Wellington
Saturday, May 30 from 12p to 5p

RRRC: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost
Wojciech Gilewicz
Saturday, May 30 from 12p to 6p

City Souvenirs
Liene Bosquê
Saturday, May 30 from 1p to 4p
Essex Market 75th Anniversary Block Party