A Light Without Shadow, No. 11_Christie Neptune

“In lockdown, I have been spending a great deal of my time examining and reading materials on the semantics of space and time, perspective and physical location in respect to the body, english spatial terms and most recently Nick Bostrom’s simulation hypothesis. In “A Simulated Reality of Sorts,” 2020, I map out the confines of my 176 sq ft livingroom on a digitally constructed 3 dimensional grid. The rendering is complemented with 3 visual impressions of the space all captured from the vantage point of above.”

A Simulated Reality of Sorts, 2020. Digitally Constructed Image with photographs and geometric shapes on X,Y,Z grid.

Christie Neptune is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist working across film, photography, mixed media, and performance arts. Neptune investigates how constructs of race, gender, and class limit the personal experiences of historically marginalized bodies of color. Critically aware of both self and subjectivity, Neptune illuminates the personal and emotional aftermath of a society that disregards and delegitimatizes those that endure the brunt of historically upheld supremacies.

Neptune’s films and photography have been included in shows at VOLTA, New York, NY (2018); The Rubber Factory, New York, NY (2017); A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2016); Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY (2015); and Rutgers, Institute for Women and Art (2014). She has been featured in publications including Artforum, Hyperallergic, The Creator’s Project, Juxtapoze Magazine, and The Washington Post. Neptune is an alumnus of More Art’s Engaging Artists Residency, the Hamiltonian Gallery Fellowship, The Bronx Museum of The Arts: AIM Fellowship, Smack Mellon studio residency through the New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellowship, and the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship. Neptune is a 2018 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant Recipient and a 2019 NXTHVN Studio Fellow.