Daniel Mantilla

Gate. Acrylic on Paper. Approximately 96”x 120”. 2018

Daniel Mantilla is a Colombian-born, New York-based artist who approaches pictorial space in terms of enclosure and accumulation. His practice consists of paintings, prints, drawing/collages, and cut-outs motivated by ideas of transition and instability. 

His work has been exhibited in Colombia, Spain, and the US including the Museo de Arte del Tolima and Bank of the Republic in the city of Ibagué, the United nations in Bogotá, Auditorio Enrique Granados in Lleida Spain, The Tampa Museum of Art, USF Contemporary Art Museum, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Hunter College, and was part of the 2015 AIM Bronx Biennial at the Bronx Museum in NYC. He was the recipient of a Kossak Travel Grant, Recognition Painting Award Julio Fajardo from Museo del Tolima, and he is the first artist to be selected for the Liquitex Cadmium-Free Research Residency at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn, NY.  

Since 2018, Mantilla collaborates with Sprechgesang Institute – a research-based platform for artists working in an in-between language of two or more disciplines – contributing in performative projects presented in New York at Target Margen Theater, Hercules Art/Studio Program, The Block Gallery, and Recess.  

Colombian-born and NYC-based artist Daniel Mantilla shares developing work throughout his 2020-21 residency with Residency Unlimited and Artists Alliance Inc. Mantilla discusses his project Rock Paper Scissors in collaboration with Sprechgesang Institute, which premiered as a Zoom performance in 2020. Mantilla’s practice is motivated by ideas of transition and instability, coming into fruition as paintings, drawings, and collapsible paper cut-out compositions — easily transportable works of art for a nomadic era.

Daniel Mantilla’s residency is made possible through AAI’s ongoing partnership with Residency Unlimited.