Enrique Figueredo

2014 Residency: May through June

Enrique Figueredo (b. 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela) is moved by extremes: communism, capitalism, poverty, wealth, justice, injustice, guerillas, politicians, peasants and monarchs. He is most inspired by the actions a person or a nation can take, past or present, that shape our world and consciousness. Whether it’s positive or negative, a musician or a scientist, a queen or a rebel. For Figueredo, art is a means for expressing and refining my moral, political, and religious views.

His process is physical and spontaneous. He exerts precision and mania while carving. He uses relief prints and silkscreens as tools instead of a finality. Curiously masking with color and painting new spaces for more marks. He likes to see the defaced work start to compete with the original and read the dialogue between them. He enjoys challenging the prestige of a print and being both successful and unsuccessful in the attempts.