LES Studio Program Artists – Fall 05

Chitra Ganesh

Through the use of drawing, sculpture, installation, and mixed media, Chitra Ganesh draws from a broad range of images, including Greek and Hindu mythology, 19th century portraiture and Bollywood and zine culture, to explore how memories and their repression shape moments of both personal and social crisis. During the residency, Ganesh continued work on Amnesia’s Ravels, a comic book that creates an alternate mythology.

Image: Chitra Ganesh, “Untitled,” ink on velum, 17 x 14 inches each, 2005

Linda Griggs

Influenced by traditional Dutch Still Life style of painting, Linda Griggs, recreates bizarre, funny and true stories. However, rather than the traditional moralizing tone that Dutch Still Life’s portray, Griggs subjects depicting class, race and death in rural America contain more of a demoralizing tone. These intimate stories, however, are lightened by the relaxed wit and wry humor of Griggs.

Image: Linda Griggs, “Scarlet Runner,” oil on mounted canvas, 19 x 26 inches, 2003

Rune Olsen

Desire and the physical expression of attraction converge in the sculptures of Rune Olsen. Olsen’s skilled use of simple materials, tape, markers, newspaper and wire, to replicate animals in a variety of interactions, bring to life the tension between authority and complacency, the urge to create and the urge to destroy.

Image: Rune Olsen, “For Everthing I Long to Do,” graphite on paper, 51 x 57 inches, 2005

Nola Romano

Nola Romano, a painter, uses the single character of a “girl ” in each of her paintings to represent different aspects of her personality: mean, popular, clumsy, cunning or shy. The “girl “, slightly behind the times, is appealing, yet not quite admirable. The “girl ” in the painting is surrounded with images that help narrate the story: animals, (that represent male characters), toxic clouds, a dilapidated monster suit, or a disposable camera.

Image: Nola Romano, “The White Rat,” acrylic on board, 11 3/4 x 30 inches each, 2005