Fernanda Feher

Fernanda Feher, Femme Fatale, oil and acrylic on canvas, 55 x 70 inches

Fernanda Feher is a multimedia artist who works mostly with collages and figurative painting (water-based oil paint and watercolors), but has also been experimenting with ceramic sculptures and installations. Feher subverts traditional portraiture by placing subjects in fantastic, sometimes impossible landscapes heavy with symbolism. The main subject of Feher’s work is women and nature, often in a surreal way. Fernanda has a taste for motifs, patterns, tiny details, stickers, and colorful palettes. In spite of the work appearing to be innocent and humorous, it is dealing with the more conflicting aspects of being a woman (and mother) in a world structured on patriarchal foundations. Relationships between human and non-human, matter and spirit are also part of the atmosphere presented by the artist.

In 2022 Feher exhibited at the ArPa art fair in São Paulo with Gisela Gueiros. Other recent exhibitions include the solo show The Conflict Between the Eagle and the Serpent, at Galeria Millan, São Paulo (2021); Planos da Luz, curated by Thiago Verardi, Lisbon (2018); Quimera curated by Fernando Ticoulat, Gallery Arte 57, São Paulo (2018). Fernanda participated in Pivô Pesquisa art residency in São Paulo (2019) and the 3331 arts Chiyoda in Tokyo (2018).


Fernanda Feher’s residency is made possible through AAI’s ongoing partnership with Residency Unlimited.