Franck Lesbros

“The work of Franck Lesbros is essentially video, yet in some ways, one could say that it is a hybrid between installation and sculpture. His films take scenery into ingenious models that are activated as puppets for the shoot. They are the only protagonists of an «atmospheric» disturbing action, backed by precise editing. Volumes are activated as and when the narrative, backed up with simple special effects, which compose a poetic vocabulary of its cinematic language. When he describes his work method such as the duration of film shootings during which almost anything can happen, Lesbros reconciles Ed Wood and Beckett. As a result his videos are marked by ongoing freshness of experimentation.” (Excerpt text by art critic Guillaume Mansard.)

Lesbros has shown his work in exhibitions around the world including Germany, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Portugal, USA, Czech Republic. He was recently selected to feature work at the Show Room section at Art-O-Rama Art Fair in Marseille, France.

This residency in supported in part by AAI’s ongoing studio partnership with Residency Unlimited. Franck Lesbros’ residency has been made possible by AtelieR National and Galerie IFF (Marseille).