Holly Veselka

Mostly comprised of site-specific projects and environmental installations, my work considers humanity’s cultural heritage in tandem with an evolving, physical world. Specifically exploring the subject of cosmology, I use scientific, historical, and literary documents to research, manipulate, and re-contextualize visual representations of our world and the cosmos. Presenting this imagery as multi-disciplinary conceptual or sculptural artworks, I aim to create moments that are more about metaphysics than astrophysics. Unable to solve the puzzles of external reality, these works focus on internal manifestations of the material world, looking at the cultural heritage of ideas and images to imaginatively navigate our shared existence.

Holly Veselka is an emerging, multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received an MFA in painting from Boston University and a BFA in studio art from the University of Texas, Austin. Upcoming and past projects include The Inanimate Vastness of Sidereal Space, an environmental installation exploring 19th-century cosmology, Wave Hill, the Bronx, 2015; Mars Recruitment Center, an exhibition examining the proposed NASA colonization of Mars, Heliopolis, Brooklyn, 2014; and Contemplation Center, a naturally-lit alternative planetarium, DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn, 2013.