Nadra Jacob

Nadra Jacob, Matrix, Polyptych (24 pieces), 2021. Oil on canvas and cardboard, 105 x 130 cm.

Nadra Jacob is a visual artist based in Santiago, Chile, who grew up in a family of a textile company which allowed her to foster a distinct taste for aesthetics, design and color from a young age. Jacob specializes in painting through different media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, Chinese ink and pastel, among others. She has also recently experimented in textile work and is transferring her work to this medium.

Through painting, Jacob presents a series of environments, landscapes and elements located both in the internal and external imagination. A synergy between both worlds is developed through her work, which allows her to create images that, in addition to stressing the real and the fictional, move between the figurative and abstraction through the use of a wide chromatic range. Jacob is interested in how the visual, chromatic, material and gestural of pictorial language encounter one another. She is constantly experimenting with color, and its synthesis is a key element in her painting.

Since 2006 she has participated in various group exhibitions, workshops, fairs and international calls in countries such as the United States, Hong Kong, Dubai, Argentina, and the United Kingdom.