Victoire Inchauspé

Victoire Inchauspé, Separate ways together (salt, milk, wax, resin, flowers, ceramic), 2022.

Victoire Inchauspé plays with the notion of time to create a bridge between the past and the present, the ephemeral and the eternal. In particular, she pays attention to the exploration of matter, whether it comes from industrial products such as aluminum, glass, bronze, and wrought iron, or emanates from nature in the form of living substances such as minerals, vegetables or animals.

Using her fragility as strength, this research on materials is reminiscent of personal yet universal memories of carelessness, courage, childhood, illness, death and immortality. Nature – whether from flowers such as poppies, thistles, sunflowers or animals such as deer, bats or spiders – always finds a central place in Inchauspé’s practice. These references act as a matrix of memories that are both a source of inspiration and an escape. Her sculptures and installations recall the beginning, creation, destruction and the possible renewal of the world. Inspired by these cycles of life, her work is inhabited by romantic thoughts that call for a certain melancholy and invite the viewer to a contemplative and meditative engagement.

“Victoire Inchauspé’s work is a succession of dreams populated by confessions that she approaches in her approach as a maker by fixing the traces of her memories to those of her distant or immediate surroundings, recreating her history with those she finds or rediscovers on her path, without doubting the importance of her doubts, remaking the portrait of her fears into a large book of poetry and fictions, far from the beaten track. She mixes materials and mediums in her laboratory of fabrications, making nature her accomplice, using its sap that she adds to metal or clay, associating glass with wax, or even bronze with water just to see what effect it gives, thus making of the alloy of her materials disconcerting visual finds.” (Text by Pascale Marthine Tayou)

Victoire Inchauspé has exhibited her work numerous times in France and London, notably at Paris Photo, Galerie Sator, and the Bastille Design Center. She participated in the group show Refresh at Hatch (2022). In 2021, she won the Sarr Prize which is awarded to three students of the Beaux-Arts de Paris for the excellence of their work. Inchauspé also won the Paris Photo Prize and the AMMA Sorbonne Prize. In 2022, she was selected as the youngest finalist in the history of the Sam Art Prize, which is sponsored by Sam Art Projects in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo. Her interview is published online on ​​décil.

Victoire Inchauspé’s residency is made possible through AAI’s ongoing partnership with Residency Unlimited