Weronika Trojanska

For the last few years, I have been collecting other people’s handwriting, moving or speaking in order to examine how my body and mind can become a biography of someone else – by embodying different aspects of other artists’ life in myself and my work. When the “I” can be a “storage” for elements of other people lives, my Self becomes a Polyphonic Autobiography. It requires constant changes and implies time, involvement and obsession. It’s a method that positions myself within the other person’s biography, trying to catch the essence of someone else’s feature and inhabit it by transcribing the gesture (reproducing, adapting and learning) by which means it becomes a part of me. It might be seen as a way of borrowing and going further – appropriation. Could this be a way to avoid destruction and oblivion (thinking about art works that are kept forgotten in a museum storage or the biography as a way of preservation)? If the Self could be perceived as a collection – is the body a museum? Is it possible to make a retrospective exhibition then?