Arianna Carossa

Across my entire practice, from site-specific projects to land art, I strive to create work that emerges from the environment in which I’m called to realize a project. This particularity is the strongest feature of my practice; it drives me to search for situations or moments where the design of an object itself can relate to everything around it and my own presence in the space.

Arianna Carossa was born in 1973 in Genova, where she lived and worked at the beginning of her career. In 2011 she moved to New York and since then she continued her research in the United States, developing parallel projects in Europe during the same time. For many years, at the center of her research there has been the object: intended as raw material to be reinvented, a process rooted in Arte Povera, completely reinterpreted. Common materials and pieces of furniture, ceramics and paintings are reassembled in a personal way, reflecting on universal themes. As of today, without losing sight of the object, her focus shifted to the loss of imagination caused by reality being fully revealed; after the publication of the book “The aesthetic of my disappearance”, launched in 2014 by the MoMA / PS1, her attention focused to performing art related to the object, making the audience familiar and uneasy at the same time.