LES Studio Program Artists – Fall 04

Kent Henricksen

“My art combines embroidery and textiles with folk tales and current events. The narratives that are made through these traditional mediums create scenes that are both factual and absurd, cross- referencing art history, literature and everyday life.”

Image courtesy of the artist

Sun K. Kwak

“I use my visual imagination to create an impression of what I see through line. My work includes a series of masking tape drawings that were improvised in response to the energy of the architectural spaces. This rendering of invisible journey into actual 3D space offers new perception about the practical setting of its structural space”

Image courtesy of the artist

Nathan See

“For the past two years I have been working on a series of sculptures, drawings and photographs influenced by Medieval and Renaissance paintings, and the philosophical parables of alchemy. My work borrows isolated background information such as: geological and architectural elements from these paintings, while consciously ignoring, the main focal points of their works, i.e. the religious narratives.”

Image courtesy of the artist

Mary Ting

“I am a Chinese-American visual artist working in the format of paper installation. Within my tediously crafted works made of cut, stained, and soot coated paper, lies and abstract narrative. My visual language of birds, figures, limbs, poisonous creatures and organic forms are both personal and allegorical, inhabiting the realm of temporality, private obsessions and the sensual.”

Image: Mary Ting, “White Snake series,” Iris print, 20″ x 24″, 2007