LES Studio Program Artists – Spring 04

Carlos Ancalmo

Carlos Ancalmo is a sculptor, originally from El Salvador, who uses a variety of media to explore his aggregate pan-American heritage. Mr. Ancalmo will use the residency to explore ideas related to “New Yorker” as an ad hoc identity. His project will include work on his “fantastic alienation series derived from the 1970″s film Fantastic Planet”.


Image courtesy of the artist

Shelly Bahl

Born in Benares, India, Shelly Bahl uses drawing, painting, installation and video to explore ideas related to the history and exotification of Indian art and culture. Bahl developed a new body of large-scale works on paper as well as for preparations for site-specific installations during her residency.

Image: Shelly Bahl, “Pink is the Navy Blue of India/ Drawing Series #1” (installation view, detail 2 of 2), acrylic on drywall, ink on paper, 2003

Nicolas Dumit Estevez

During his residency, Nicolas Dumit Estevez, a performance/installation and mixed media artist, continued work on his ongoing performance/installation project “Take Out: An Edible Portrait of Home”. Dealing with food, food preparation, eating and cooking within the context of the Lower East Side immigrant Community, Estevez invited LES organizations and community members to participate in the creation of an edible dish in order to examine their perceptions of nationality and national identity.

Image courtesy of the artist

Kristin Lucas

Kristin Lucas is a video artist, who used her residency to develop a new chapter in her project “Celebrations for Breaking Routine”. Traversing the LES, Lucas sought out girl-led bands, research recording studios, and observe and document the neighborhood in its various states. The residency served as home base for collecting and previewing materials and creating works related to the project.

Image courtesy of the artist