LES Studio Program Artists – Fall 06

Ernest Concepcion

Ernest Concepcion’s ongoing series “The Line Wars”. convey his commitment to perpetually create anything imaginable engaged in conflict. The images are based on the entertainments of childhood and adolescence: video games, action figures, strategy board games- always two forces opposing one another. Each panel encapsulates a single battle. When viewed together, they take on epic proportions. “The Line Wars” is a celebration of making impulsive, nonchalant drawings, as well as a highly personal journey into nostalgia and an homage to geekdom.

Image: The Line Wars. Ink on Paper+Audio. 2004. 54x120in. courtesy of the artist

Rachel Frank

Rachel Frank is currently working on a series of large-scale animals sewn out of cloth and painted. Her work explores death and violence in one form or another. Ms. Frank often depicts animals such as wolves or horses that have characteristics or social organizations. This recent body of work explores both personal and public narratives.


Image: Scaffold. Mixed Media. 2005. 19x78x57in. courtesy of the artist

Fay Ku

Fay Ku focuses on issues of socialization within a narrative framework. The images come from memory, imagination and stories. The works on paper are about the capacity to think and give public meaning to the private, imaginative inner world. Though the images may be fantastic and/or personal, they resonate because Ms. Ku’s view of the world and how she perceives it.

Image: Part Reptile. Mixed Media on Paper. 2005. 36x50in. courtesy of the artist

Adam Smith

Adam Smith creates large-scale dolls and places them in narratives that draw upon the available environment. The dolls are presented in an uncanny, in-between world that seems to run parallel to our own. They double as a foil for our own self-consciousness, comprising exaggerations of our flaws without our embarrassment over them. They are poised and collected with expressions indicating that they understand while withholding judgment.

Image: Dolls. Installation. 2005. Dimensions variable. courtesy of the artist