LES Studio Program Artists – Spring 06

Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua

Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua are artists whose work crosses disciplines, and actively engages the community. Often blurring the lines between work, play, manhood and boyhood, their process is elastic, crossing genres, mixing materials, and collaborating with others. During the residency, Mr. Bercowetz and Mr. Bua will work on a low-tech movie with local teen-agers collecting and re-enacting urban myths ad current neighborhood stories.

Image courtesy of the artist

Amy Chan

Amy Chan primarily works in gouache on paper, painting landscapes specific to her experience of growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut, where alternating slices of nature, suburban development and isolated historical remains closely border each other but seldom mix. Conjuring from memory mixed emotions of nostalgia, desire and discomfort, Ms. Chan’s work portrays a landscape that is alternately funny, lonely and desperate.

Image courtesy of the artist

Cat Chow

Cat Chow is a multi-media artist most recently working in Chicago. Ms. Chow’s use of unconventional and common materials asks that the viewer challenge his or her presumptions about the usage of everyday items and how it relates to issues of social context and sexual identity. For the residency, Ms. Chow plans to develop a new body of work that incorporate the materials and resources available in New York, in particular the Lower East Side.


Image courtesy of the artist

Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers’ hilarious 2004 Video, entitled, Trick Saddle, sets a Spaghetti Western underwater to critique the absurdity of gender categories-”masculinity” staged as synchronized underwater cowboy ballet. During the film, scenes from the dying and desperate culture of Western Movies, the gun fight, the brawl, are played out as a series of ritualized stoic poses. Ms. Rogers will use the residency to begin an ambitious new project in collaboration with theater artist Clove Galilee. Together they will create a theatrical piece called Wickets that takes place in a shape-shifting surrealist painting.

Image: still from Trick Saddle, video installation, 2004